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What is mimir.com?

Mimir.com is Pete's home domain. He finds it useful for various bits & pieces, some of which are listed on his home page, others aren't.

People keep asking what the f*** mimir.com means. Mimir was the wisest of the Norse gods, also the name of the fountain of wisdom under a root of the world tree, Yggdrasil, which sprang forth from his head after he was killed (OK...it's been a while since I read the myths...the details are fuzzy). So I could say that using the name says something about the wisdom of the material spewing forth from mimir.com, however the reality is more like all the good domain names I wanted were already taken.

Currently www.mimir.com is an olde Sun 3/50 (don't ask) so be patient if it's slow.

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Pete Bentley (pete@mimir.com).
Last updated 13 June 1995.

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